My PhotographyI take too many photos, but some are not bad!

Big Themes



The place I while away most of my time


Close ups and the little things
101 Squadron VC10 refuelling Geek


I do like a nice bit of big engineering
Approaching Queenstown from the air Far Away

Far Away

There is so much to see out there

My photography

I like taking photos.  I'm really not scientific or skilled about it.  I just point and shoot and use it as a way of keeping a visual journal of places I have been and things I have seen.  I love walking and getting out to amazing locations, taking photos of those locations is often my excuse for catching my breath.  But then sometimes its the view that is taking the breath away!

You will find all my public photos are currently kept in Flickr. Click here to have a look.

The collections...

This page brings together some themes and albums to highlight some of my photography.  It's all currently hosted on Flickr, although that may change as the ownership of the site seems to keep changing.  They are all copyright under the Collective Commons agreement, so if you would like to use them for anything, please ask first.

Click here from my Flickr collections page. Flickr seems to be trying to forget this page, so I may end up needing another solution.