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Barcelona 2002

After not going away for far too long, I finally made time to head to Barcelona with my friend Gareth.

It's a pretty cool place with a huge amount to see. With only five days there I am definately going to have to return. Here are some pictures I took: Click on the picture to see a full version and use the back button to return to this menu.

Cool windows.
Dodgy wiring. The Gothic Cathedral Gaudi lampost.
Gaudi apartments. Sagrada Familia new spires. Nativity freeze. Sagrada familia construction work.
The cruciction freeze. Lolly pop top! Inside the building. Tree of peace.
Stained glass windows. The new spires. View of the Museum of Cataulnya (I think). View of the Sagrada Familia.
View of the Church of Pi. The olympic mast. The plaza in front of the olympic statium. Inside the stadium.
More of the plaza. Gareth looking out at the plaza. Game of electricution! Wide view of Barcelona.
Cactus. Industry meets history. All pictures are copyright Phil Mercer 2002.